[darcs-users] darcs bug on Windows share on Mac OS X

Martin Schaffner schaffner at gmx.li
Tue Jul 13 14:58:39 UTC 2004

If I do the "push test" while having an SMB share as the working directory, 
I get:

Fail: /Volumes/MARTIN/bla/repo_0/darcsfGi14U: removeFile: resource busy 
(Device busy)

This happens with darcs from 2004-07-10, and "DARCS_SLOPPY_LOCKS=1" does 
not help.

The "push test" is:

mkdir repo
cd repo
darcs init
darcs whatsnew >bla
darcs add bla
darcs record -a --patch-name=1
cd ..
darcs get repo
cd repo
darcs whatsnew >bla2
darcs add bla2
darcs record -a --patch-name=2
darcs push -a ../repo_0
cd ..


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