[darcs-users] darcs bug on win2k/XP

Will will at glozer.net
Wed Jul 14 05:17:13 UTC 2004

"Martin Schaffner" <maschaffner at gmx.ch> writes:

> If I do
> mkdir repo
> cd repo
> darcs init
> darcs whatsnew >bla
> darcs add bla
> darcs record -a --patch-name=1
> cd ..
> darcs get repo
> cd repo
> darcs whatsnew >bla2
> darcs add bla2
> darcs record -a --patch-name=2
> darcs push -a ..\repo_0
> cd ..
> on a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system with darcs 0.9.22 installed, then I
> get the error:
> Fail: G:/repo_0/darcs173375: removeFile: permission denied (Permission
> denied)
> This happens on both FAT and NTFS

The same happens for me using both darcs 0.9.22 as well as with the
latest patches pulled on Monday.  This doesn't appear to be the old
mmap bug as mmap was disabled on both builds.


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