[darcs-users] Re: always long comment

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Wed Jul 14 14:15:14 UTC 2004

David Roundy wrote:

  > Eric, if the log-file option isn't really what you want, it would be 
> to add an --edit-long-comment flag (or some such thing) which would do what
> you're asking.  There's currently no way to do this.  Partly that's because
> I almost never use long comments myself.

log files really don't work for me because I'm not that organized.  I'm 
frequently working on two or three sets of parallel changes or bug fixes 
and cycle between them as they need attention.  Maybe if there was 
something like a darcs log feature or I could just pop up an editor, 
dictates and notes into a template containing date stamp, what files 
have been changed at that moment  ( --summary) and then record those 
changes into a log which could then be applied (after suitable editing) 
to a record.

Otherwise, just a simple long-comment=y configuration/commandline option 
  would be quite suitable.

--- eric

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