[darcs-users] Re: always long comment

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at epfl.ch
Wed Jul 14 18:09:52 UTC 2004

Le 14 juil. 04, à 19:15, Eric S. Johansson a écrit :

> it might be because log files not well explained.  It also requires 
> way too much manual handling as you so thoughtfully demonstrate below.

What about the approach of opencm [1] ?

They have the two following commands,

Prompts user for new text to add to a running list of notes. The 
running list is maintained until the execution of the commit command.

Displays the user's current list of notes.

More precisely, 'note' takes you into your $EDITOR where you edit a 
buffer of text (stored in the prefs of your repository). 'notes' just 
spits the text buffer on stdout.

Whenever you 'commit' and that your $EDITOR is brought to you to 
specify the change log, the notes are already in the buffer and you can 
use them to write your change log. After each commit the notes are 


[1] <http://www.opencm.org/>

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