[darcs-users] bug in get_extra

Lele Gaifax lele at nautilus.homeip.net
Thu Jul 15 13:09:08 UTC 2004


I'm facing my first darcs failure: as some of you may already know,
I'm developing a tool that aims tracking third parties software, see
http://nautilus.homeip.net/~lele/projects/cvsync. This allows me to
collect under darcs my whole "upstream context", ie all the free
software I use and customize. 

My current testbed is with Plone, a CMF system based on Zope. Current
approach is having a separate darcs repos for each of the products
that compose it [1], basically keeping a single "working copy" under
both upstream VC and darcs. To filter out CVS/.svn noise I then
condense into a single darcs repository [2] by pulling from each one.

In this way I get a clean tree, without  :)

Everything worked out smooth since this morning, running my daily
test: tailor did its work, slurping a few changeset in various products,
but when I tried to sync with the condensed repo I got:

  $ darcs pull ../taw/portaltransforms/
  Pulling from ../taw/portaltransforms/...

  Fail: bug in get_extra - please report this!

I then tried to do the reverse, that is push:

  $ darcs push ../../plone/

that asked confirmation on eight patches then exited with:

  Shall I push this patch? (8/8) [ynWvxqdjk?] y

  Fail: bug in darcs!
  fromJust error at Depends.lhs:109 compiled 02:05:28 Jul  6 2004

What kind of information can I serve to help solve this problem?

thanks in advance,
ciao, lele.

[1] http://artix.dyndns.org/~lele/darcs/3rd/taw/
[2] http://artix.dyndns.org/~lele/darcs/3rd/plone/
nickname: Lele Gaifax	| Quando vivrò di quello che ho pensato ieri
real: Emanuele Gaifas	| comincerò ad aver paura di chi mi copia.
email: lele at seldati.it	|		-- Fortunato Depero, 1929.

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