[darcs-users] darcs CGI scripts and large projects

BARBOUR Timothy Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au
Fri Jul 16 07:53:31 UTC 2004

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> From: Will [mailto:will at glozer.net]
> BARBOUR Timothy <Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au> writes:
> > Does anyone know what is wrong ? I am using darcs 0.9.22, 
> and got the Perl
> > CGI script from the Debian darcs-server package 0.9.22-1 .
> This is actually the HTTP request path, not the PATH environment
> variable.  Perhaps you are trying to use one of the Haskell darcs_cgi
> URLs that contain a '*' character?  The new CGI is fairly paranoid and
> rejects any requests that contain shell meta chracters.
> The base URL for a repository is:
>   http://<server>/cgi-bin/darcs.cgi/<repository>/

Thank you. I was using http://<server>/cgi-bin/darcs.cgi which produces the
error I mentioned. It works fine when I put the repository on the end. It
would be nice if the script displayed a list of repos, when invoked without
a repo name, instead of failing.

I am pleased to say the Perl CGI script is much faster, so long as I do not
choose "annotate" (darcs annotate runs very slowly on this repo). But I am
puzzled why the "tag" drop-down list is empty (only shows "none"), since the
repo contains a number of tags that were converted from CVS tags.


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