[darcs-users] darcs bug on Windows share on Mac OS X

Martin Schaffner maschaffner at gmx.ch
Fri Jul 16 11:01:29 UTC 2004

David Roundy wrote:
> > > Does the file G:/repo_0/darcs173375 exist afterwards?
> > Yes
> What is the contents of this file?

$ . pushtest.sh
Successfully initialized repository!
Finished recording patch '1'
Directory '/Volumes/WINMOUNT/bla/repo' already exists, creating repository 
as '/Volumes/WINMOUNT/bla/repo_0'
Copying patches...
Finished getting.
Finished recording patch '2'
So far so good... finished merging.
Finished applying...

Fail: /Volumes/WINMOUNT/bla/repo_0/darcsbo41kX: removeFile: resource busy 
(Device busy)

$ cat repo_0/darcsbo41kX


me at domain.ch**20040716105302] 

New patches:

me at domain.ch**20040716105304] {
addfile ./bla2
hunk ./bla2 1
+No changes!


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