[darcs-users] darcs CGI scripts and large projects

Will will at glozer.net
Sat Jul 17 00:43:47 UTC 2004

BARBOUR Timothy <Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au> writes:

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>> From: Will [mailto:will at glozer.net]
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>> BARBOUR Timothy <Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au> writes:
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>> > Does anyone know what is wrong ? I am using darcs 0.9.22, 
>> and got the Perl
>> > CGI script from the Debian darcs-server package 0.9.22-1 .
>> This is actually the HTTP request path, not the PATH environment
>> variable.  Perhaps you are trying to use one of the Haskell darcs_cgi
>> URLs that contain a '*' character?  The new CGI is fairly paranoid and
>> rejects any requests that contain shell meta chracters.
>> The base URL for a repository is:
>>   http://<server>/cgi-bin/darcs.cgi/<repository>/
> Thank you. I was using http://<server>/cgi-bin/darcs.cgi which produces the
> error I mentioned. It works fine when I put the repository on the end. It
> would be nice if the script displayed a list of repos, when invoked without
> a repo name, instead of failing.

Thanks, that is a good idea that I've been too lazy to implement until
now =) I've submitted a patch to display a list of the available
repositories when one isn't specified.

> I am pleased to say the Perl CGI script is much faster, so long as I do not
> choose "annotate" (darcs annotate runs very slowly on this repo). But I am
> puzzled why the "tag" drop-down list is empty (only shows "none"), since the
> repo contains a number of tags that were converted from CVS tags.

Browsing the repository doesn't invoke darcs so it is fairly fast, but
viewing annotations or patches does invoke darcs.

The tag drop-down is just a place-holder at the moment, it doesn't do
anything.  I don't believe there is any convenient way to get a list of
tags from darcs right now.


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