[darcs-users] Feature request: darcs put

Martin Schaffner maschaffner at gmx.ch
Fri Jul 30 06:33:46 UTC 2004

Aggelos Economopoulos wrote:
> > I'm often using the following pattern:
> >
> > blabla/repo$ cd ../yapp/
> > yapp$ darcs get ../blabla/repo
> > yapp$ cd ../blabla/repo
> Could you explain why you _often_ use the above pattern (getting a new
> repo and then leaving it alone?)?

Heh, that's because I still can't "push" to a Windows Share... the 
advantage of using "darcs get" over "cp" is that temporary files are not 
copied, and the history gives you "unpullability".

Another reason for "darcs put" would be symmetry.


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