[darcs-users] User interface for conflicts: confusing enough to lose data

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.jussieu.fr
Sat Jul 31 15:11:28 UTC 2004

> darcs annotate with appropriate post-processing does give you the old
> version of a file...

Interesting.  I haven't looked at annotate yet.

> the "appropriate post-processing" is not particularly pretty though.

... and it would need to be done in Emacs Lisp (a slow bytecode
implementation) while ``darcs diff | patch -R'' is done in Haskell and
C.  Obviously, ``darcs cat'' would make the process slightly faster.

I'm happy with vc-darcs as it stands now, although it's a little bit
hackish at points as darcs obviously wasn't designed to be scriptable.

(Just to make things clear: I am not the original author of vc-darcs,
I just hacked it into a shape that suits me.)


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