[darcs-users] Re: Browsing the repository from the command line

Samuel Tardieu sam at rfc1149.net
Mon Mar 1 18:39:38 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Kenneth" == Kenneth Knowles <kknowles at uclink.berkeley.edu> writes:

Kenneth> The request is a command 'darcs list' which would show the
Kenneth> available patches from a remote repo.  Once I know a patch
Kenneth> name I can view the changes with 'darcs changes', or I can
Kenneth> browse through available patches with 'darcs pull' and just
Kenneth> not apply them.  But I'd really like to run a command that
Kenneth> would list the patches and I could browse them

If you want to see all the patches, regardless of what you have
locally, you could extend the "changes" command with a "--repo"

If you want to browse all unapplied patches, you could extend "darcs
pull" with a "--browse".

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