[darcs-users] Per-directory version control

Sean E. Russell ser at germane-software.com
Wed Mar 3 15:53:48 UTC 2004

Hi Kenneth,

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 21:02, Kenneth Knowles wrote:
> If you are using the 'push' model, then it seems like it would be very easy
> to make a wrapper script that just pushed to both places:

So, you're suggesting a sort of "svn switch" methodology to do this?

> $ cd /path/to/foo
> $ darcs push /path/to/foo-project/foo
> $ darcs push /path/to/bar-language/foo

Therefore, I'd have three repositories; foo-project, bar-language, and foo.  
The problem I see with this is that if someone checks out foo-project, they 
won't get the source code unless they, too, do a seperate darcs pull.

I'm vaguely uneasy about disassociating the sourcecode from the rest of the 

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