[darcs-users] Per-directory version control

Sean E. Russell ser at germane-software.com
Wed Mar 3 17:10:54 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 11:20, you wrote:
> directory from consideration when creating patches.  I don't see any way
> around the second bit, because foo will need its own patch history
> independent of other projects.  Does this seem like what you want (I've
> never had this situation for myself):

... sort of, although it seems like a complex solution to work around what are 
fundamentally limitations in the architecture.  This leads to making the user 
interface more complex simply to keep the back-end simple, which always seems 
like a bad idea to me :-)

However, what you suggest -- if indeed possible, would address the problem.

> $ darcs pull
> [pulls all of foo-project]
> Would you like to pull subproject foo?  y

This is sort of nice, actually, although I'd guess that the cases where 
subprojects are optional to the project would be few.  Indeed, I still have a 
problem with the mental image that foo is a separate project.  For me, it 
isn't.  It is the sourcecode to the project -- it IS the project.

This is just semantics, though, and wouldn't be a serious barrier.

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