[darcs-users] yikes?

Adam Megacz adam at megacz.com
Wed Mar 3 22:34:36 UTC 2004

David Roundy <droundy at abridgegame.org> writes:
> If your pending has conflicts, it probably means there is a bug somewhere
> in darcs (unless you edited it yourself...), which means that I am very
> interested in what happened (i.e. if you could keep a copy of the broken
> repo, and possibly make it available to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.


I applied a patch that had a conflict.  I'm used to CVS, so I just
went ahead and edited the place where darcs marked the conflict (with
^^^^^ markers) to resolve the conflict.  Now it whines at me ;)

> This could happen if you had a power failure at the wrong time during a
> record, for example, since _darcs/current gets updated before
> pending--except that then you'd have a lock file left over... if there is a
> command that can leave the repository corrupt without leaving a lock file,
> that's a bug.  :(

There's no lock...

> The fix for this is usually to edit pending manually, but first I'd run a
> darcs check to make sure that _darcs/current is all right (since the
> corruption could be there just as easily as in pending).

Darcs check is happy.

> Then you could look at pending, and it it's small, the problem may
> be obvious (or at least, obvious to me...), something like removing
> a file twice, or removing a file that you know is already removed.
> Deleting _darcs/pending is always safe in that it can't affect any
> of your recorded changes, but is also unsafe in that if *can* affect
> your unrecorded changes (such as setprefs, file additions, etc).

Okay; I'll do this later tonight after you've had a chance to grab the
repo for a postmortem.

  - a

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