[darcs-users] Per-directory version control

Kenneth Knowles kknowles at uclink.berkeley.edu
Wed Mar 3 23:48:41 UTC 2004

> What I don't understand is how you're going to address the issue of pulling a 
> project that includes a subproject from a repository.  darcs get just uses 
> the data in the _darcs directory that it finds on the server, AFAIK, so it 
> would require some additional work to force it to recurse into all 
> directories it finds on the server to see if any of them also contain _darcs 
> directories.  This sounds like more than just a wrapper around the darcs 
> client.

I'm not intimately familiar with the darcs code, but it remembers the last repo
that you interacted with, probably in _darcs/prefs/lastrepo and some other stuff
in _darcs/prefs/repos so I think automating a "pull" based on this should be
pretty easy.  Remember that darcs will know which directories are subprojects,
so it won't have to go trial-and-error through "all directories it finds on the

When doing a "get" one could either just grab the subproject from the remote
repo, or inspect the remote _darcs and get the subproject from the last repo
listed there.  I actually favor the first approach, because it is more in line
with the idea that there is no "central" repository, plus it sounds like it
would work out better for distribution.

I think you could write a sh or perl script to handle this crudely until debate
about getting into the main darcs code is finished (or even started with someone
other than the two of us)... In arch this functionality is in helper scripts (I
think), but the idea of always using a wrapper sounds to me like it should go in
the main code.


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