[darcs-users] bugs in darcs 0.9.17 (or earlier)

BARBOUR Timothy Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au
Thu Mar 4 01:17:23 UTC 2004

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> From: David Roundy [mailto:droundy at abridgegame.org]
> I've added a --quiet option to push, and the infrastructure 
> is there for
> easily adding it to other commands, so suggestions of 
> commands to add it to
> are welcome.

Thank you.

I also run 'darcs check' from the script, but probably suitably creative
people could run any darcs command in a script. CVS has the concept of
"global options" which are used like this: cvs <global options> <command>
<options for comand> , and the quiet options ('-q' (somewhat quiet) and '-Q'
(very quiet)) are global (not sure why CVS needs two degrees of quietness -
maybe because it does not have a verbose option).

> Thanks for the bug report (and for giving me all the info needed to
> reproduce it)!

You are welcome.
> It turns out to be a bug in remove that caused the problem.  
[explanation snipped]
> it's definitely worth fixing.  Another possibility would be 
> to edit the
> "remove_kernel_abstraction_directory" patch itself and take 
> out the rmdir
> (leaving it as an empty change).  This latter option is 
> cleaner and nicer,
> but a bit more of a pain... you'll probably find it easiest 
> to zgrep in
> _darcs/patches to find which file to edit.

Thanks for the explanation. I will apply your latter suggestion. I should
have reported a bug instead of recording that second patch.

> I don't have time today (must get ready for work), but 
> hopefully tomorrow
> I'll fix these two bugs.  Thanks again for the bug report, 
> these are two
> rather nasty bugs one of which has the effect of hiding the other!

Thanks for the great user-support!


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