[darcs-users] Per-directory version control

Sean E. Russell ser at germane-software.com
Thu Mar 4 14:12:26 UTC 2004

On Thursday 04 March 2004 07:26, David Roundy wrote:
[Lots of good stuff snipped]
> The examples you gave don't fall in the category of libaries being included
> in the sources programs that use them exactly, but rather in small projects
> being subsumed (or consumed?) by larger projects, which is a bit more
> reasonable.  I guess this can really only (justifiably?) happen for things

Yes, this is true.  Ironically, while you may not think it is common, it seems 
to happen to me regularly.  I suspect it has to do with the types of projects 
I work on, which tend to be community efforts with plug-ins or extensions.

> It seems like if the compiler includes your library source code it really
> ought to include your test suite, etc, and if it just included your entire
> project, there wouldn't be a problem.

Perhaps, but this is one of those "maybe should, but is moot since I'm not the 
one controling the policy" situations.  I'm not convinced that the 
superprojects should include the entire subproject; in the case of Ruby and 
REXML, the end users are using Ruby; REXML is just a library.  The download, 
compile, and install it, and they'll never touch all of the extra 
development-related stuff that is in my personal repository.  The end users 
only care about (1) the library, and (2) the library APIs.

However, I now better understand the issues around the darcs architecture that 
make this sort of thing difficult to implement well.

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