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Wed Mar 10 00:19:46 UTC 2004

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> From: David Roundy [mailto:droundy at abridgegame.org]
> No.  A merger patch indicates that a conflict exists, but 
> doesn't indicate
> how to resolve that conflict.  The resolution of a conflict 
> is an ordinary
> patch, which doesn't commute with the merger patch.  So if I 
> create a patch
> (modifying an empty file)
> hunk ./filename 1
> +bar
> and you create a patch
> hunk ./filename 1
> +baz
> When I pull (or apply) your patch, there will obviously be a 
> conflict.  The
> recorded version of the file will remain empty, but in my 
> working directory
> the file filename will contain:
> bar
> baz
> and darcs whatsnew will show
> hunk ./filename 1
> +bar
> +baz
> If I record this change, it will resolve the conflict.  If I 
> don't record
> it, the conflict will remain in my repository, and someone 
> else who pulls
> both my patch and yours from the repository will see the 
> conflict and have
> the opportunity of resolving it.

It would be nice if the manual explained how to deal with conflicts.

I just tried essentially the above scenario. It worked as you describe,
however there is something that puzzles me: if I start pulling the patches
to a third repo (initially empty), the conflict resolution patch behaves
differently if it is pulled with the other patches or separately, even
though the order is the same. More specifically, I have tried two ways to
pull the patches:

(i) pull -a <src repo>
(ii) pull <src repo>  ... ;  pull <src repo> ...

(i) works as expected, and there is no conflict (presumably because the
resolution patch resolved it). OTOH, (ii) offers to pull each patch
individually, with the resolution patch last. If I pull each patch in turn,
there is no conflict. If I pull all except the resolution patch, there is a
conflict (understandably). However if I subsequently pull the resolution
patch, there is still a conflict, and it is a more complex one! I would have
expected it to resolve the conflict, regardless of whether it was pulled in
the same pull as the other patches.

In case this is a bug, I have attached the repositories for your


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