[darcs-users] sugggestion on command naming

Ketil Malde ketil at ii.uib.no
Fri Mar 12 07:22:18 UTC 2004

Tupshin Harper <tupshin at tupshin.com> writes:

> In the current darcs, there isn't a notion of pushing to an email
> address. Push is always pushing to an archive reachable by http,
> ssh, etc. In all cases, --and-apply is an *option*, but isn't the
> default unless specified in your prefs. And, in all cases, push will
> revert to sending by email unless --and-apply is specified. Look at
> the output of "darcs push --help".

Would it be a solution to have the local repository remember if it
was get'ted from a two-way channel (i.e. ssh), and try to use the same
method as default when pushing?

So if I 'get' a repository over ssh or from the file system, "darcs
push" would default to "--and-apply" using ssh, but if I 'get' it over
http (or if I don't have write access over ssh, perhaps), it would
still default to sending the patch by email.

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