[darcs-users] darcs vs arch [was: Re: darcs mentioned on lwn.net]

Amit shah amitshah at gmx.net
Fri Mar 12 07:39:14 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I can't really call myself a user at this time; I've just apt-get'ted the
darcs binary on my Debian Sid box. I am exploring alternatives to CVS and
am just getting familiar with the myriad of VC softwares available. What
struck most about darcs was this:


(Basically, darcs allows you to establish (or rather, itself establishes)
relationships between patches, so that if you retrieve patch-11 which is an
enhancement over patch-8, it would retrieve both, patch-8 as well as
patch-11. Pretty cool feature anyways, should be implemented in any VCS.)


David Roundy wrote:

> I'm sure Linus is fully aware of arch at the minimum.  Darcs has kept a
> low profile, as has monotone, so quite likely he's not thought of them as
> serious alternatives.  In the case of arch, I would guess (although I
> could be wrong) that he understands its flaws better than Tom Lord does.

I would be interested in knowing some of them. Can you point me somewhere?

Amit Shah

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