[darcs-users] sugggestion on command naming

Zooko O'Whielacronx zooko at zooko.com
Fri Mar 12 10:51:27 UTC 2004

Now I'm confused too.

> In the current darcs, there isn't a notion of pushing to an email 
> address.

Why not?

> Push is always pushing to an archive
> reachable by http, ssh, etc. In all cases, --and-apply is an *option*, 
> but isn't the default unless specified in
> your prefs. And, in all cases, push will revert to sending by email 
> unless --and-apply is specified.


> Look at the
> output of "darcs push --help".

I did, but it didn't help explain the why's and wherefore's.

Like Adam Megacz, I still don't understand the concept of application being
separate from pushing.

I *can* understand the concept of posting a patch for people to view being
different than posting a patch for application.  I would naturally think to use
two different e-mail addresses for this, or one e-mail address for the
publication and ssh for the application.

Is that the difference between "push" and "push --and-apply" ?



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