[darcs-users] push, and how I used darcs (was: sugggestion on command naming)

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Sat Mar 13 18:46:36 UTC 2004

David Roundy wrote:
> Hmmm.  I guess the problem is that it seems to me that with a properly
> configured repository, the email option should be the default.  After all,
> if someone wants to push patches to the darcs repository, email is the way
> it is done.

This whole confusing conversation has me wondering how many other people 
  use darcs the way I do. I'll share what I do, and I would appreciate 
any suggestions if there are better ways to do it.

I currently use darcs for two kinds of projects: solo work, and group 
projects where I am the lead. When I am the lead on a project, 
regardless of which rcs we use, I review every line of code that gets 
checked in. This works well for projects up to about 5 full time coders 
and a couple hundred thousand lines of code.

For solo projects, I have a local repo on my machine. I do my work 
there. Periodically, I use rsync to update a backup mirror copy 
elsewhere. Originally, I used ftp, but it became too slow.

For group projects, I use the same model. I work in my local repo, and 
periodically "publish" my repo to a cheap web host, via rsync. I have 
not bothered to set up any cgi scripts on that host.

The best way for me to receive patches is to pull them from someone 
else's publicly visible repo. If they prefer to email me the patch, 
that's ok too. I look at it, and may apply it to my local repo as if I 
had made the change myself. Those changes get published along with my 
own, using rsync.

Would my life improve if I used push somehow?


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