[darcs-users] Re: sugggestion on command naming

Samuel Tardieu sam at rfc1149.net
Sun Mar 14 20:57:11 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Megacz <adam at megacz.com> writes:

Adam> PGP is a major barrier to this becoming the "preferred method".
Adam> *Especially* the fact that there is no tool to convert RSA keys
Adam> in standard formats (X.509, OpenSSH, PEM, etc) to PGP RSA keys
Adam> -- even though at the mathematical level they are certainly
Adam> equivalent (and X.509/OpenSSH/PEM are all mutually convertible
Adam> using freely available tools).

If I remember correctly, the GnuPG team is integrating X.509
certificates into the development release of GnuPG.

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