[darcs-users] Re: sugggestion on command naming

Adam Megacz adam at megacz.com
Sun Mar 14 23:53:25 UTC 2004

Samuel Tardieu <sam at rfc1149.net> writes:
> If I remember correctly, the GnuPG team is integrating X.509
> certificates into the development release of GnuPG.

Yes, but will they allow you to *export* gnupg keys as X.509 keys, or
only *import* X.509 into gnupg?

I suspect the latter; I've found that the GnuPG team viciously defends
the isolation of the PGP system by making it quite hard to get your
keys *out* of the PGP "universe".  Check out their justification for
not writing a "libgpg".

  - a

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