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BARBOUR Timothy Timothy_BARBOUR at rta.nsw.gov.au
Mon Mar 15 01:20:56 UTC 2004

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> From: David Roundy [mailto:droundy at abridgegame.org]
> Hmmm.  Good idea.  I've added a TODO on this, since I won't 
> have time for
> it today.  It probably deserves a separate section in the 
> introduction or
> getting started or somewhere... or maybe I need to add a "using darcs"
> chapter to bridge the gap between "getting started" and the specific
> command references.

Thank you. Ideally the manual will have some very simple (but illustrative)
examples that show how to do these things.
> This is expected behavior, and is the reason for the 
> --no-resolve-conflicts
> option in darcs apply.  That option exists specifically so that this
> problem won't happen on pushable repositories.  I could add the
> --no-resolve-conflicts option to pull as well, but it's hard to see a
> practical context in which one would want to use it.

Thanks for the explanation.

> It has occurred to me that the goal should be that pulling 
> patches in any
> order (which is allowed by dependencies) should give the same 
> final result,
> provided the final repository contains no conflicts. 

Sounds like a fine definition.

> It would be helpful
> to have a test in the test suite to verify this, so if you're 
> sufficiently
> motivated (and have enough spare time), it would be helpful 
> to me to have
> a script that creates a repository with a bunch of conflicts 
> and conflict
> resolutions (the more complicated the better) and then checks 
> that you get
> the same final result independent of the order in which you pull the
> changes.

I am afraid I do not have enough time even to do justice to my own projects.


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