[darcs-users] push and send

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Mon Mar 15 14:15:25 UTC 2004

I've become convinced that in fact the best plan is to split the push
command into two separate commands, push and send, as Adam and others have
been arguing.  Basically, I started trying to clean up the documentation
for the push command after implementing my ideas, and realized that it
seemed impossible to explain clearly, which is what finally convinced me
that it was not a good idea after all.

So I'm separating the two.

Send now does what push was originally indended to do, which is to create
patch bundles that can be applied with apply, and usually send them via
email (thus the name), although saving as a file is supported.

Push now does what push --and-apply and push --and-apply-as previously did,
with --and-apply being the default, and --and-apply-as being renamed to
--apply-as (suggestions for a better name for this option are welcome).
Although push still creates a patch bundle internally, the fact that it
does so is now an internal detail that the user need not concern himself
with (unless the user is using sudo, in which case the user *will* need to
know to allow "darcs apply --repodir REPODIR").

Both the code and the documentation are now considerably simpler, since
push doesn't need to deal with signatures, and send doesn't need to deal
with any of the --and-apply stuff.

I guess I was mostly being stubborn.  Thanks to everyone who kept trying to
convince me that I was wrong!

P.S. I haven't yet updated the introduction section in the manual, but
there are hopefully correct sections on send and push in the command
reference section.
David Roundy

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