[darcs-users] darcs from cygwin prompt

darcs.t.hafnert at spamgourmet.org darcs.t.hafnert at spamgourmet.org
Mon Mar 15 14:52:22 UTC 2004


I've trouble when trying to run ``darcs record'' in my cygwin prompt.
The program hangs without prompting for any input. If I do the same
from WinNT's cmd, I'll be prompted for input (patch name a.s.o.). Even
calling something like cmd /C out of a Cygwin terminal doesn't help.
I'm using rxvt and bash (don't know if that matters, but anyway).

Maybe there's a version linked with/against the cygwin libraries? I
would appreciate that, because there I could keep using my favorite
shell, my Cygwin mounts and all that nice tools (find a.s.o.).


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