[darcs-users] Building darcs on Solaris

Martin Sjögren md9ms at mdstud.chalmers.se
Mon Mar 15 16:06:03 UTC 2004

[Please CC me, I'm not on the list.]

So, I elected to compile darcs 0.9.17 on Solaris. Here's what happened.

I had /usr/sbin/install before /usr/ucb/install in my path, which led to
lots of problems. I patched GNUmakefile to use $(INSTALL) instead of
plain install, so I could override which install program was used. Patch
attached. Note that it also gets rid of the "-c" argument. On Solaris,
at least, -c expects a directory as argument, I have no idea what that
-c was doing there in the first place.

That wasn't so bad. What was worse, though, was that threading didn't
work. For some reason, Solaris managed to compile darcs (and also the
test program used by the configure script) *without* -lpthread! Instead,
I got a bogus runtime error instead. Recompiling with -lpthread solved
that. I'm guessing there must be better ways to check for threading lib,
that works on Solaris too, but I don't know it off hand. I do know that
-lpthread must be there, though. :-(

I have put an experimental binary on
that's been compiled on Sparc Solaris 9. It has some RPATH crud in it to
account for our somewhat arcane build system, but as long as you have
libcurl2, libreadline4 and libncurses5 you should be set.

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