[darcs-users] darcs dist: feature or a bug?

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Tue Mar 16 14:17:30 UTC 2004


I'm using darcs on my Gentoo box, but I don't wait for official updates, but
rather pulling darcs repo regularly and then doing: 

darcs dist & emerge darcs.

Recently I've noticed that when I issue e.g. darcs dist -v -d darcs-0.9.17 
command, darcs put everything into: darcs-0.9.17.tar.gz, but, within tarball,
there is darcs-0.9.17-x folder.

Is it a bug or some feature I don't understand?

I'd like to get proper darcs-0.9.17.tar.gz to copy it under my portage tree for
emerging, but this behaviour brings some unnecessary work, i.e. manually 
creating new tarball with darcs-0.9.17 folder.


gour at mail.inet.hr
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