[darcs-users] Problem with darcs-0.9.17-win32.zip

libogen . libogen at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 17 13:24:49 UTC 2004

Hi to all.

I've just joined the 'darcs-users' mailing list.

Here's a bit of background info. (not interested then skip down to below the 

To make it easier to manage my personal, hobby website, I am now 
redeveloping it using XSLT to separate the content from the presentation 
layer. I'm converting the content to DocBook XML format.

I had been managing revisions to files manually, by first copying the 
original files to a backup directory and then editing the originals 
(probably the most common method used by amatuers?!).

I'd decided recently that I should finally take the plunge and use a proper 

Although I've used Linux for a few years for server applications, I continue 
to use Win98se as my desktop as I've built up a long, long list of useful 
apps and am addicted to various games that haven't been ported to Nix! I 
intend to seek out acceptable native Linux alternatives to those apps but 
still haven't gotten around to doing so yet - a common story/excuse ;-) BTW, 
I prefer not to use emulation layers like Wine or Win4Lin.

Anyway, thats why I'm keen on finding a vcs that runs on Win98se/ME (WinME 
is on my notebook) and Linux.

The realistic alternatives that I've identified so far are the old but 
common CVS and the shiny and relatively new, darcs :)

Not being a professional programmer, I've always looked for Win binaries and 
have never built on Win. Ironically though, if a Linux program doesnt have a 
stable RPM I do my best to build the Linux app from it's source!

I guess that's partly due to GCC nearly always being installed by default on 
Linux but Win not having an equivalent and partly due to being accustomed to 
the availability of binaries for Win. That may become the trend though for 
Linux as new users become accustomed to the increasing availability of 
stable RPMs.

Let's face it, most people are users, not developers.


I installed darcs-0.9.17-win32.zip yesterday on a PC running Win98se and ran 
into an early problem.

Before sending this email I searched through the mailing list's archive and 
although I didn't find a solution, I did see that there is progress towards 
making darcs run reliably on Windows.

The steps I followed were:

1/ I added darcs' installation directory path into my autoexec.bat file and 

2/ I created a new repository directory for my website's redevelopment and 
copied the relevant files into it.

3/ At the DOS prompt in the new directory I ran "darcs inittree" which 
completed successfully, creating the _darcs subdirectory etc.

4/ I then ran "darcs add robots.txt *.php *.asc *.css *.xsl" which created a 
'pending' file in the patches direcory, the contents of which looked 

5/ When running "darcs record --all" and after entering my email address, 
giving a patch name description and selecting 'n' to adding a long comment, 
the following displayed:

There is no test

removeFile: permission denied (Permission denied)

BTW, I viewed the contents of that gzip'd file and it seemed okay i.e. it 
contained all the files' contents with each line prefixed with a '+'. Before 
each file was a 'hunk' line for that file and at the top was my patch name 
description, email address and addfile lines for all the files.

Any ideas on what I might have done wrong (without mentioning the OS :-p ) 
or on how to make this work would be appreciated.

I can spare some time to help in testing darcs on Win98se/ME if needed and 
can install tools that can help in diagnosis eg. cygwin etc.


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