[darcs-users] push and send

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Fri Mar 19 07:21:25 UTC 2004

David Roundy (droundy at abridgegame.org) wrote:

Hi David!

> I've become convinced that in fact the best plan is to split the push
> command into two separate commands, push and send, as Adam and others have
> been arguing.  Basically, I started trying to clean up the documentation
> for the push command after implementing my ideas, and realized that it
> seemed impossible to explain clearly, which is what finally convinced me
> that it was not a good idea after all.

Thank you very much for new feature(s).

> Send now does what push was originally indended to do, which is to create
> patch bundles that can be applied with apply, and usually send them via
> email (thus the name), although saving as a file is supported.

In order to test "send" feature I prepared a small patch for wxruby project
(Gentoo ebuild) and send it to the author.

However, even after sending it few times, he does not receive anything (I even
CC-ed patch to my email and received it :-).

Today I prepared a patch once again and take a close(r) look at the message 
(since I'm on dialup on all the messages are caught by my local qmail'l alias.)

It looks that the problem (for dialup usrs) is how darcs prepares the message.

Here is the header:

Return-Path: <gour at gaura.nitai.hr>
Delivered-To: alias-isdn-wxruby at qualitycode.com
Received: (qmail 6414 invoked by uid 204); 19 Mar 2004 07:12:56 +0100
Received: from gour at gaura.nitai.hr by gaura by uid 1001 with qmail-scanner-1.16 
 (.  Clear:. 
 Processed in 0.281809 secs); 19 Ožu 2004 06:12:56 -0000
Date: 19 Mar 2004 07:12:55 +0100
Message-ID: <20040319061255.6405.qmail at gaura.nitai.hr>
To: wxruby at qualitycode.com
From: gour at mail.inet.hr
Subject: darcs patch
Cc: gour at mail.inet.hr
DarcsURL: http://qualitycode.com/repos/wxruby/
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="aaack"
X-Qmail-Scanner-1.16: added fake MIME-Version header
MIME-Version: 1.0

The problem is, imho, that Return-Path: header contains: gaura.nitai.hr which
is just my localhost domain, but not fqdn, and therefore destination server 
is (probably) marking the message as a spam.

When I use mutt as a normal mailer, all the messages have correct Return-Path:
header containg mail.inet.hr domain (which is fqdn).

What can be done that dialup users can more easily send darcs patches?

Maybe some switch to use external mailer or ..?


gour at mail.inet.hr
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