[darcs-users] push and send

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Sat Mar 20 23:30:06 UTC 2004

David Roundy (droundy at abridgegame.org) wrote:

> It sounds to me like you should set qmail's default domain to mail.inet.hr.

But, some email addresses which I use have domain mail.inet.hr, some inet.hr, 
I have registered atmarama.org domain ...therefore I'm using profiles with

> > So, I assume qmail working as expected - giving Right-Path which is
> > according to my local username & localhost domain.
> I think this is the problem.  qmail should be setting the Return-Path
> correctly, and if the localhost domain isn't correct, then it shouldn't be
> using it.

When I send email with mutt, mutt sets correct hostname and there is no problem.

What about dialup users which use several email accounts, which is not so
unusual? What is the 'correct' domain name that should be used for localhost

> Darcs certainly shouldn't have something like "set hostname", qmail should.
> I don't think it is darcs' business to figure out how to correctly send
> email from your computer, that is your MTA's business.

As I wrote above - all emails sent from my computer have correct return-path,
but it is not unique since I use several domains for email (according to my

What about some hook for external mailer? Or simple solution to just use
darcs send -o patchname and then manually launch mutt and put everything in
order :-)

I'd also like to hear from some other dialup users how they plan or how they
use darcs' send feature when on dialup. (I understand that when you are
connected directly to the net, then it's not a problem, but in that case one
can also have darcs installed on the server etc.)


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