[darcs-users] push and send

Gour gour at mail.inet.hr
Sun Mar 21 10:41:55 UTC 2004

Vadim Zaliva (lord at crocodile.org) wrote:

> my guess is that mutt uses SMTP to send email, while darcs invokes  
> sendmail program.

Well, I'm not directly sending mail with mutt, but through qmail server
running on my box which invokes serialmail when on-line.

> >What about dialup users which use several email accounts, which is not  so
> >unusual? What is the 'correct' domain name that should be used for
> >localhost alias?
> To me, this looks like mail system configuration issue, not darcs.

OK. Let's assume that I'm working on two projects: 

1) project1 - in my company and I want to send patches from my home box as
dialup user using gour at company.com email account

2) project2 - an open source project and I want to submit patches (as dialup
user) via my private gour at domain.net account.

I'm using something like KMail mailer to retrieve mail from both company.com &
domain.net accounts (via POP3 protocol) and I'm sending mail with KMail using
SMTP servers on company.com & domain.net servers. (it means I'm using different
profiles with KMail - same as I do now with mutt & qmail)

I'm not directly connected to Internet - just on dialup (I hope there are still
few such users around :-) and my localhost alias is just a fake name, and there
is no local sendmail installation.

(I assume it's an average dialup setup since most of the dialup users do not
run sendmail-like mail server on their local box - receiving is done with pop3,
and sending with smtp servers.)

How is one with usual dialup setup supposed to use "darcs send" feature?


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