[darcs-users] push and send

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Sun Mar 21 12:16:49 UTC 2004

On Sun, Mar 21, 2004 at 11:41:55AM +0100, Gour wrote:
> > >What about dialup users which use several email accounts, which is not  so
> > >unusual? What is the 'correct' domain name that should be used for
> > >localhost alias?
> > 
> > To me, this looks like mail system configuration issue, not darcs.
> OK. Let's assume that I'm working on two projects: 
> 1) project1 - in my company and I want to send patches from my home box as
> dialup user using gour at company.com email account
> 2) project2 - an open source project and I want to submit patches (as
> dialup user) via my private gour at domain.net account.
> I'm using something like KMail mailer to retrieve mail from both
> company.com & domain.net accounts (via POP3 protocol) and I'm sending
> mail with KMail using SMTP servers on company.com & domain.net
> servers. (it means I'm using different profiles with KMail - same as I do
> now with mutt & qmail)
> I'm not directly connected to Internet - just on dialup (I hope there are
> still few such users around :-) and my localhost alias is just a fake
> name, and there is no local sendmail installation.
> (I assume it's an average dialup setup since most of the dialup users do
> not run sendmail-like mail server on their local box - receiving is done
> with pop3, and sending with smtp servers.)
> How is one with usual dialup setup supposed to use "darcs send" feature?

There are any number of MTAs that allow you to send mail (and configure the
sending of mail) without running a server on your box.  qmail, sendmail,
exima and postfix come to mind as perhaps the most common.  Any of these
will let the user simply specify which SMTP server to use.  A quick look at
freshmeat also shows nbsmtp and nullmailer, which both claim to be easier
to set up for this sort of a configuration.

BTW, I don't see any reason why you'd need to use separate SMTP servers to
send mail from your two accounts... I guess it depends on how the SMTP
servers are configured, but most ISPs (as I understand things) don't
restrict your From: address, so you can use their SMTP server for all your
David Roundy

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