[darcs-users] Win32 build of darcs again

libogen . libogen at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 21 18:25:26 UTC 2004

I've used Vlad's latest Win32 build of darcs (darcs-latest-win32.zip) on 
Win98se and have run the inittree, add & record commands. All worked 

Thanks Vlad!

Based on Vlad's build, I think I'll also try out the tools he uses i.e. "ghc 
6.2.1 for Windows, latest cygwin shell and make", rather than MinGW/MSYS.

I might begin by running both darcs & CVS.

After reading David's posting here (and being a vcs newbie!):
I'd like to see how both systems handle the following scenario:

i. At a certain point in the development of a webpage (which belongs to a 
repository) there may be two different approaches to complete a certain task 
eg. XSL transform a set of XML files.
ii. Dev continues based on approach A until the task is complete.
iii. Curious as to whether approach B would be better, I checkout the 
revision of the webpage which existed at stage i.
iv. Dev continues using approach B in parallel until the task is complete.
v. The completed webpages based on both approaches are compared and the one 
based on approach B is selected.
vi. The redundant approach A's revisions are removed from the repository 
leaving a complete history of the revisions to the webpage based only on 
approach B.

That should help in learning to work with a vcs and on some of the 
differences between darcs & CVS :)

I'm also keen to locate both system's repositories at my webhost and access 
them using ssh but my current hosting plan doesn't include shell access so 
I'll have to put in a request and cross fingers!


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