[darcs-users] push and send

Peter Strand peter at zarquon.se
Tue Mar 23 17:19:45 UTC 2004

Kevin Smith wrote:
> I'm really glad Gour solved his problem. Now, I would like to understand 
> how this will work for MS Windows users, who don't normally have an MTA 
> running on their system.

On windows darcs uses the MAPI interface to send mail, which in turn 
uses whatever mail client the user has installed and configured.
But it doesn't work very well at the moment, I'm working on fixing it..

> Seems like allowing the user to specify an SMTP server would be far more 
> portable and user-friendly. Maybe I'm missing something.

If a user already has mailing configured, it would be inconvenient to 
have to configure darcs as well. And it seems a bit silly to have an 
SMTP client in darcs. darcs shouldn't care about smtp and mail servers, 
only about sending mail ;)

Seriously, it might be a good idea have three options:

  - /usr/lib/sendmail (current solution, works out-of-the box for users 

                        with mailing configured)
  - external mail command, such as  "mutt -a patch_file repo at host.com"
                      (for users with "non-standard" setups)
  - smtp (for users without any local support for mailing)

if there is demand for it..


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