[darcs-users] pushing / checkpoints don't play nicely

Charles Goodwin charlie at xwt.org
Wed Mar 24 03:54:07 UTC 2004

If you darcs get --partial from a repo with a checkpoint and
create/record a patch, then darcs push --and-apply will fail to either a
full repo or a darcs get --partial repo.

1) darcs get --partial http://darcs.smallmerchant.com/ibex twice
2) in one of the get folders, edit a file (eg src/org/ibex/Box.java)
3) record the patch
4) push the patch to your other unmodified get folder
5) watch it fail complaining about a missing gz of a patch from before the checkpoint
- Charlie

Charles Goodwin <charlie at xwt.org>
Online @ http://www.charlietech.com

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