[darcs-users] push and send

Jorgen Schaefer forcer at forcix.cx
Wed Mar 24 13:29:06 UTC 2004

Gour <gour at mail.inet.hr> writes:

> Peter Strand (peter at zarquon.se) wrote:
>> Seriously, it might be a good idea have three options:
>>  - /usr/lib/sendmail (current solution, works out-of-the box for users 
>>                        with mailing configured)
> But it work mostly for users with the permanent connection to the net and/or
> local support for mailing, i.e. not suited for dialup users

A UNIX system should have a working /usr/{sbin,lib}/sendmail,
regardless of wether it's a dialup system or not. A lot of
programs besides darcs depend on that. For dialup systems, look
into exim.

        -- Jorgen

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