[darcs-users] inofficial "live" Gentoo ebuild for darcs

Andres Loeh kosmikus at gentoo.org
Wed Mar 24 14:39:58 UTC 2004

Gentoo users,

did you always want to use the latest darcs version without loss of
the benefits of the portage package manager? Now you can. The
experimental darcs-darcs ebuild is a "live" ebuild, such as there
exist a few "live" cvs ebuilds in portage. It always downloads the
latest patches from David's darcs repository before trying to build.

That makes it inherently (relatively) unstable, because it is a moving
target and cannot be tested. Therefore, this ebuild is *not* (and will
probably never become) an official part of the Gentoo distribution,
so if you experience problems, mail me in person, but *please* do
*not* file bugs directly with Gentoo.

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