[darcs-users] Unix and sendmail (was: push and send)

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Wed Mar 24 17:57:04 UTC 2004

Jorgen Schaefer wrote:
> A UNIX system should have a working /usr/{sbin,lib}/sendmail,
> regardless of wether it's a dialup system or not. A lot of
> programs besides darcs depend on that. For dialup systems, look
> into exim.

I think I disagree. I have two Linux desktop systems, and neither one 
has any "sendmail" command. One is Debian, and I have been running it 
happily for three years. The other is a recent off-the-shelf Libranet 

One uses exim as an mta, and the other uses postfix. As far as I know, 
both are configured to *only* route mail toward local users. I use SMTP 
for all outgoing mail. I have not yet encountered any software that has 
required "sendmail".

I'm not saying that my configurations are ideal. Just that in reality, 
desktop Linux systems often will not have "sendmail" capabilities. And I 
use DSL, so it's not just a dial-up problem.

At a minimum, darcs docs should have some pointers to easy tutorials for 
how to install and configure an MTA the way darcs needs it. It seems 
like it would be easier and friendlier to just build SMTP abilities in. 
But that's just my opinion, and since I'm not a Haskell coder, I'll have 
to leave it up to David and other code contributors to decide.

Maybe there's a simple program out there that accepts a "sendmail" 
command and simply forwards the contents to an SMTP server. That would 
be acceptable, if a bit of a hack.


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