[darcs-users] feature suggestion

Vadim Zaliva lord at crocodile.org
Thu Mar 25 06:02:12 UTC 2004

I have small group of developers using darcs. We push our changes to 
central repository, accessible only via SSH to exchange patches. 
Developers are all behind firewalls and besides outgoing SSH and email 
could not provide any access to their own repositories.

Today our central repository server went down. However I still need to 
send some patches to another developer. Since I do not have access to 
his repository and do not know what patches he have and which he does 
not, I accept that it seems that I have to send all patches (our 
repository is not very big) to him.

I do not see currently a way with darcs to do this. It would be great 
if 'send' command would have some option (for example --everything) 
which will allow to send me all my patches (in fact full repository) to 
another developer. Unless, of course, there is another, easier way to 
do this.


"La perfection est atteinte non quand il ne reste rien a ajouter, mais
quand il ne reste rien a enlever."  (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
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