[darcs-users] RE: Real-world darcs scenario (was: Win32 build of darcs again)

libogen . libogen at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 26 11:13:48 UTC 2004

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org wrote:

>If you can get darcs installed on the server system (which may not be 

Only my webhost could do that and I won't bother them for the time being on 
this point.

>It never occurred to me that ssh would be called anything but ssh! :) You
>may have more trouble than anticipated, since darcs uses not only ssh, but
>also scp.  Hopefully there is a nice way to make plink pretend it's scp?

I tried simply using "SET ssh=D:\path\to\Putty\Plink.exe" and also "SET 
scp=D:\path\to\Putty\Pscp.exe" but that didn't work.

Even if darcs can be fooled into believing that PuTTY's plink=ssh and 
pscp=scp, I'm pretty sure that their command line parameters differ.

That's where a config file could help ;-)

>Hmmmm.  My leaning is towards the CVS-style method of configuring ssh, as
>it's a bit simpler to code, and somehow seems a bit cleaner.  There is
>already a support for a ~/.darcs/ directory which can be used to configure
>user-specific defaults (I think it may be documented in the "setpref"
>section).  But there isn't yet a file for configuring external commands,
>except those which are configurable by a command-line flag.

I can't really comment about the benefits of one method over the other but I 
am partial to configuration files ala Apache's httpd.conf & PHP's php.ini 

>Probably I need to add a manual section on darcs-specific (or simply
>darcs-understood) environment variables.

That would be nice.


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