[darcs-users] RE: Real-world darcs scenario (was: Win32 build of darcs again)

Vladimir Vysotsky trivee at noir.crocodile.org
Fri Mar 26 16:18:17 UTC 2004

libogen . wrote:
>> It never occurred to me that ssh would be called anything but ssh! :) You
>> may have more trouble than anticipated, since darcs uses not only ssh, 
>> but
>> also scp.  Hopefully there is a nice way to make plink pretend it's scp?
> I tried simply using "SET ssh=D:\path\to\Putty\Plink.exe" and also "SET 
> scp=D:\path\to\Putty\Pscp.exe" but that didn't work.

So, you don't have ssh and scp, but you have plink and pscp.
And you're using Windows. I see at least 3 options:

- copy plink.exe to ssh.exe and pscp.exe to scp.exe
- (on an NTFS volume under 2K or XP) do the same using
   hard links
- create batch files ssh.cmd and scp.cmd, that will
   call plink and scp.


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