[darcs-users] neat paper

Adam Megacz adam at megacz.com
Mon Mar 29 04:51:15 UTC 2004

Kenneth Knowles <kknowles at berkeley.edu> writes:
> Haven't read the paper yet, but I've been pondering this myself for a while.
> It wouldn't be such a daunting task with a decent plugin architecture for

Right, the tough part is ensuring that the tree transformer is truly
reversible.  One false step and your repository is toast.  I think
this is why nobody has done this.  The Coda Filesystem had an API for
this, but nobody ever wrote any plugins.

The cool thing about this paper is that the language is restricted in
such a way that you cannot write non-reversible tree functions.  So
it's perfectly safe (although getting the compiler to approve your
tree transformation is sort of a pain).

  - a

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