[darcs-users] Win32 darcs and winXP

Peter Strand peter at zarquon.se
Wed Mar 31 09:00:36 UTC 2004

Dean Goodmanson wrote:

> I've got a binary version of wget and curl for Win32
> sitting right next to my binary version of darcs.
> Upon executing "darcs get
> http://zwiki.org/repos/zwiki" darcs I get:
> 'wget' is not recognized as an internal or external
> command,
 > ...
> darcs failed:  failed to fetch:
> http://zwiki.org/repos/zwiki/_darcs/patches/2004
> 0326082928-e02d6-e23dc3456a0e23a123a49ecbb9a079d0632962a0.gz
> ExitFailure 1
> -----------------
> Any thoughts?

The problem is that darcs changes current directory during its 
execution, and thus does not find the programs you put next to it.

A workaround until it is fixed is to just put wget or curl somewhere in 


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