[darcs-users] Error 52 during get

David Roundy droundy at abridgegame.org
Wed Mar 31 11:34:49 UTC 2004

On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 09:33:52PM -0800, Kevin Smith wrote:
> I'm running darcs 0.9.17 from apt-get on Debian unstable. I am trying to 
> get a repo from my server with this command:
> darcs get --verb http://qualitycode.com/repos/wxruby
> But after several patches, I consistently get this error:
> darcs failed:  Failed to download URL 
> http://qualitycode.com/repos/wxruby/_darcs/patches/20040314040959-fea46-37831d2e8b25a3fdfcf4055c4c76110d92acdec6.gz 
> error code: 52
> I can paste that link into my browser and see the (small) patch. I 
> haven't tried this on a different machine yet, but I went to the machine 
> that sends files to the repo, and:
> 1. Ran darcs check. No problems.
> 2. Re-ran my rsync script that pushes changes up to the public repo.
> Advice? What is an error 52? I couldn't find any mention of this in the 
> mailing list archives.

This is the libcurl error code, and corresponds to the CURLE_GOT_NOTHING
error.  Unfortunately, it's not clear to me what this error means.  It's
definitely a transport error of some sort, though.  Do you have a slow
connection perhaps, or an http proxy server between you and the website?

Unfortunately I'm able to run the get just fine from here, so I'm not sure
how to figure out what the problem is.  :(
David Roundy

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