[darcs-users] win32 problem with nestedvm.ibex.org

Peter Strand peter at zarquon.se
Tue May 4 14:37:06 UTC 2004

Tupshin Harper wrote:

> There appears to be a win32 specific problem that occurs when using 
> darcs to get http://nestedvm.ibex.org.
> Using a 0.9.19 win32 build (I'm using the one from 
> http://glozer.net/darcs/)
> darcs get http://nestedvm.ibex.org
> Fail: ./doc/IVME.xls: removeFile: permission denied (Permission denied)

I can't reproduce that, but get the following error instead:

 > Fail: nestedvm.ivme04.tex-0: renameFile: permission denied 
(Permission denied)

Which looks like a missing workaround for broken renameFile. ?
(the configure test for that works for me)

A removeFile failure on windows suggests that the file is still open 
when darcs tries to remove it. But why would it still be open? Too much 
laziness somewhere? It is a bit hard to tell without being able to 
reproduce it.

However, your repository works for me using a newly pulled and compiled
darcs, so something might have changed recently, or perhaps there's
just a change in timing that hides the bug.

You can find my build here: http://zarquon.se/darcs/darcs-20040504.zip


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