[darcs-users] darcs-createrepo failing with "Error creating .forward file"

Myers Carpenter myers at maski.org
Wed May 5 02:15:40 UTC 2004

Below is a conversation I had with my computer:

myers at gir:~$ sudo darcs-createrepo
What is to be the repo email address? mnet at XXX
Creating user 'mnet'...
Adding system user mnet...
Adding new user mnet (105) with group nogroup.
Creating home directory /var/lib/darcs/repos/mnet.
What email address should I forward unauthorized patches to?
XXX at XXX.info
Where is the existing repository I am to start with? /home/myers/mnet_0
Old repo is /home/myers/mnet_0
sh: -c: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token .forward)"'
sh: -c: line 1: `sudo -u mnet echo '"|(umask 022;darcs apply --verify
/var/lib/darcs/repos/mnet/allowed_keys --reply XXX at XXX.info
--repodir /var/lib/darcs/repos/mnet/repo --no-resolve-conflicts' >
Error creating .forward file

I submitted the above to the debian bug tracker.

My friend ash at ash.de pointed out that its a bug in the source of 
darcs-createrepo.lhs and suggested the following change.

    sysnofail ("sudo -u "++username++
               " echo '\"|(umask 022;"++
               "darcs apply --verify "++home++"/allowed_keys"++
               " --reply "++replyemail++" --repodir "++home++"/repo"++
               " --no-resolve-conflicts"++
-             "' > .forward)\"")
+             ")\"' > .forward")
              "Error creating .forward file"



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