[darcs-users] break line, combine lines, add/delete whitespace as patch primitives?

Kevin Smith yarcs at qualitycode.com
Wed May 5 06:36:07 UTC 2004

Adam Megacz wrote:
> We discovered earlier that running emacs' M-q (reflow paragraph) on a
> big text file wreaks havoc on darcs; it thinks you changed every line
> in the file and spends over two days pegging a 1ghz cpu trying to
> merge it.
> Perhaps, like token-replace, there should be four new patch primitives
> for:

That would work if darcs could automatically detect that it should use 
one of the new primitive types. I don't think they would be helpful if 
they required manual operation like the token-replace patch does.

As an alternative for this case, what about being able to treat a file 
as a stream of "words", rather than a stream of lines? I'm not sure 
exactly what the delimiters would be, or how this mode would be chosen, 
but this would certainly benefit many text files.


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