[darcs-users] More confusion

Adam Megacz adam at megacz.com
Thu May 6 02:09:08 UTC 2004

Man, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around some of this.

The following command sequence (and responses) make no sense... when I
rollback, darcs should either undo (in the working directory) the fact
that I created the file (in which case the file should disappear) or
else it should not (in which case me changing the file should count as
a recordable change).

Is this confusing to anybody else?

  - a

megacz at feynman:/tmp$mkdir repo
megacz at feynman:/tmp$cd repo
megacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$darcs inittree
Successfully initialized tree!
megacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$touch foo
megacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$darcs add foo
dmegacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$darcs record -am foo
Finished recording patch 'foo'
megacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$darcs rollback -m foo

Wed May  5 18:58:26 PDT 2004  adam at megacz.com
  * foo
Shall I rollback this patch? [yNvq?] y
Finished rolling back.
megacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$ls 
_darcs/ foo
megacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$echo foobar > foo
megacz at feynman:/tmp/repo$darcs record -am foo2
No changes!

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